Last night I sent 2 recordings of José Luis Cortés to Luisito who is my best friend like family.

SHOKO: Brother, how do you think? who is playing? He is Cuban. recording in 1994.
I like it. Jose Luis Cortes Murakami Production

LUISITO: Yes sister, it is NG the band in 1994, an album produced by Murakami and recorded by Ramón Alom ing de Sonido.

SHOKO: Can you have it in Cuba?

LUISITO: We would have to look to see if they appear. Don’t worry, I’ll look it up and tell you. I’ll buy anything, don’t worry.


LUISITO: Perfect sister, I already have the reference

SHOKO: Is it easy to find in Cuba?

LUISITO: I don’t think it’s easy to search, but I’m sure I’ll find it.

SHOKO: I think it was only sold in Japan. These two albums on CD are out of print in Japan, so I found them secondhand.

LUISITO: I have to check too, I’m going to call collector friends so they can beg.


SHOKO: Cesar Portillo de la Luz wrote lyrics in Spanish for all American Standard Number songs.

LUISITO: Likewise, sister, you know that the sound engineer and the one who mixed the album is a friend of mine and lives near Cojimar, he is 80 years old.

SHOKO: Ramon? I don’t know. Is he still live?

LUISITO: Yes, I have worked with him for a long time, I have all of his contacts. He is a very good person.

SHOKO: OHHHHH!!! the world very small.

LUISITO: Very small

SHOKO: Xiomara’s production is very good. I like it. very good. tell him!!! ramon. I want to know what the production was like in 1993.

LUISITO: Ok, I’ll tell you.

SHOKO: How was Cuba in 1993? I have many questions about the production. It’s very interesting.

LUISITO: It’s more that I will talk to him to give you his WhatsApp so you can write to him, it would be much better.

SHOKO: I’m going to do an interview!!!!
Tell him my Spanish is not very good but a good person.

LUISITO: Hahaha, I’ll tell him.

SHOKO: brother, the world, very very small. interesting

LUISITO: Very interesting, and smaller and smaller than anything.

SHOKO: This book, in 1991. The title is “You Don’t Know What Love Is.” It is an American standard songs.This novel was written according to titles of 40 American standard numbers. When I was in my twenties, I read this book. The songs are taken from the book for Xiomara’s production.

LUISITO: Interesting sister.

SHOKO: because I sent CD of mine to Murakami in 1999. I knew he loved the songs. old american songs.

LUISITO: And, he answered?

It’s her words. tell ramon, this story.

LUISITO: Her words were very good. I liked it.
I will tell