"I'll Be Seeing You" is a song which loved very much during the WWII era and Seina's most important song in her repertoire.

Do me a Favor…

I would like to have some generous help, love…
and your instruments.

My name is Seina.

I was a singer and I am a friend of Mr. Leonard Gaskin's who joined to local 802 unions with Mr. Max Roach and was a beginning member of Charlie Parker’s band when Bird was playing on 52nd street.

A few weeks ago, I called a nursing home in Bayside, Queens where Mr. Gaskin stays. A nurse told me he was grieving because his wife passed away about a month ago. She also said he stays in bed most of the day. When I heard about it I decided to visit him from Japan.

When I was in NY(1989-1999), I played with him sometimes and he gave me many precious things my life. So he was my angel. But I haven’t sung for a long time and I am far from the music world…but now, I really hope to sing in front of him and give him the gifts of my gratitude and musician’s love.

His life is music and music is his life. I believe music can give him some power and love. So please let me have the angel’s love and help that you have.My repertoires are songs from the 30s and 40s and I stay in NY for only two weeks, until March 30th.

Here are the steps that I need…

  1. To find musicians
  2. To ask the nursing home 
  3. Schedule the time and date

I know it is not easy to make a plan and schedule a performance during a short stay, especially a person who lives far from the music world.

But if God leads, it will happen and I believe…it will.

Angels Swing
Shoko Seina Shiraishi