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The issues of stray cats in my neighborhood. Six cats were captured and saved.

When I asked the neighbors about Mrs. Sakurai and her cats, I realized that the cats were causing such a big problem in this community.

The cats in the neighborhood and Mrs. Sakurai

A few weeks ago, my neighbor Mrs. Sakuai was moving out, so I went to say hello. Mrs. Sakuai is probably in his late 70s. Her older husband passed away a year ago, and the couple has no children. So she said she would move to her hometown to live with her younger sister.

To Luisito “About the interview of Ramon Alom Suarez”

My brother, Luisito, Spring has come to Yamaguchi Prefecture, where I live. I’m sorry for not being able to move forward. I kept thinking about the meaning of doing this.

I’m currently reading “American★Dream” | Ryu Murakami”

I’m reading this book now. It is an essay by Ryu Murakami nearly 40 years ago. There are so many words that stick like a knife. When I say “stabbing”, I mean this young man is in pain, he grabs a knife and stabs himself, and he stabs “society” called “Japan”. I am also pierced.