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I finally finished reading ”Almost Transparent Blue”

A few days ago, I received a message from Luisito from Cuba. The sound engineer when Ryu Murakami recorded in Cuba was a friend of Luisito’s, and I said I’d like to hear from him. His message was about it.

“Fireworks of Uchiwa ” and “ A Letter of 280,000 characters”

On August 27th, at Los Van Van’s outdoor concert in Nokonoshima, Fukuoka, I handed out fans(“uchiwa” in Japanese) with a picture of Juan Carlos Formel, who passed away on May 26th, to many people. I asked them to wave a fan.

Engineer of Murakami’s early productions. Ramon Alom Suarez

Last night I sent 2 recordings of José Luis Cortés to Luisito who is my best friend like family. SHOKO: Brother, how do you think? who is playing? He is Cuban. recording in 1994. I like it. Jose Luis Cortes Murakami Production

About・ Sobre”Heike Monogatari” | 平家物語について

English | Español|日本語 English If you are interested in Japanese history and samurai, you can deepen your understanding by knowing “The Heike Story”(Heike Monogatari) . Most Japanese learn “The Heike Story” in high school.