Son al Son | Javier Olmo
(not released. promotion CD only)

1. Esperanza
2. Le Due a Una Rosa
3. La Gloria Eres Tu
4. Muy Junto Al Corazon
5. Siento Renacer
6. Tu No Sabes De Amor
7. Aprende Muchacho
8. Son Al Son

Javier (not Jabiel) came to Ryu Murakami’s studio when he was looking for a singer to sing Siboney for the movie KYOKO. He is the son of Jose “Pepe” Olmo, who was a side vocalist for Orquesta Aragón and was a member of the National Choir. Please see KYOKO’s album liner notes for the episode.

Cuban singers often have powerful singing styles. But his voice and singing were so natural and clear, it felt like the wind and water were flowing, and it felt as if it would disappear with the wind and water. His singing voice was completely unobtrusive and pleasant, and you would want to listen to it over and over again.

This is a very rare CD that is not sold to the general public.

I found this video by searching for images on YouTube. So I found his Instagram and got in touch. He was a DJ living in Cali, Colombia. The image used here was sent to me by him.

In 1996, Ryu Murakami released Javier Olmo’s solo album “Historia de un Amor”, but I looked for it several times but couldn’t find it and couldn’t get it.

A few days later, thinking I couldn’t find it anyway, I looked for it and found it on Yahoo! Auctions. It was like a miracle.
He realized it was Javier, not Javier. About a week later.

I searched for Javier Olmo and found “Historia de un Amor” on YouTube.

“My brother!”
“My cousin! He held me in his arms when I was born.”
I found these comments.

In the liner notes of “Historia de un Amor,” Murakami wrote that Javier’s father had 25 children around the world, so I thought they might have been family.

When I looked at other videos on this account,

I saw in the comments section that Javier’s cousin wrote that Javier had passed away. It was written around 2017, seven years ago. The next day, I connected with a DJ in Colombia who sent me a photo of this unreleased CD.

I felt that like messages from Javier.