We Remember You


みらいへ 北九州の戦中戦後

この冊子は2013年北九州市制50周年にAngels Swingとして作りました。

  • 戦争史と北九州周辺の出来事
  • 小倉陸軍造兵廠
  • 門司:出征・空襲・連合軍捕虜
  • 八幡大空襲
  • 原子爆弾・小倉上空
  • 朝鮮戦争とメモリアルクロス
  • 世界平和パゴダ
  • オランダ人元捕虜と水巻町の友情
  • みらいへ


This is a project which is a booklet (in Japanese) about war history of my hometown Kitakyushu (Fukuoka Prefecture). Since I fell in love with music from The WWII era, I traveled a lot, seeing many people and many memories. This is a tribute to pople who died because of the war in my home town and soldiers who left to south asia's war fields from my home town and never come back.  And also this is my letter for people now and future  for remembering these history. You can DL from here but it is only Japanese writing.